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(Tajigul•Tursunmamat speak to her brother on the phone.) 
(Take care of your health and study hard.) Tajigul: Okay, okay, don"t worry about me. I"m happy here. (Yeah, all right. We"re all good, too.) Tajigul: Don’t worry about me. (Got it.) Tajigul: Happy Spring Festival, brother. Happy Spring Festival to you! 
With a smile on her face, the Uyghur girl, who is about to perform at the Spring Festival, relayed her joy to her family when she called her home. 
Recently, reporters from China News Service recorded the above scene when they visited Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center in Xinjiang. 
Tajigul has loved to dance and it was her dream to perform on stage ever since she was a child. But a few years ago, under the influence of religious extremism, the girl who once loved dancing began to regard dancing as a "flood beast." 
       【同期】(和田县职业技能教育培训中心学员 塔吉古丽•吐孙买买提) 
(Student of Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Tajigul•Tursunmamat) 
We Uyghurs have been singing and dancing all our lives. But for a while we were infected with extremist ideas and stopped dancing. We swore at people when they dance, we even couldn’t cry at funerals, nor could we sing or dance at weddings. 
Tajigul recalled her life after being infected with religious extremism, describing it as a period of black and white. At that time, she stayed at home from morning till night, doing housework at home all day. 
      【同期】(和田县职业技能教育培训中心学员 塔吉古丽•吐孙买买提) 
(Student of Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Tajigul•Tursunmamat) 
I was infected with extremist ideology and learned the illegal scriptures. The content of the illegal scriptures is that we can’t shake hands or communicate with government staffs, don’t visit them either they die or sick. Besides, we can’t eat products from other countries or other nationalities. Women should take care of babies at home and listen to their husband. The money a woman earns cannot be spent, it is “Haram”(Contrary to the “doctrine”). 
After coming to Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Tajigul’s life took a turn for the better. In her words, her life finally has a color. 
At Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Tajigul learned to use the national language, legal knowledge and other aspects of the ability. In addition, she also participated in the dance performance class to learn all kinds of dance under the guidance of professional teachers. In this thirty-square-meter classroom, the 22-year-old girl rediscovered her dream. 
     【同期】(和田县职业技能教育培训中心学员 塔吉古丽•吐孙买买提) 
(Student of Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Tajigul•Tursunmamat) 
To be honest, I am really a lucky girl. I have been fond of dancing since I was a child. When I came here,I saw such a skill, and I chose it voluntarily. I dance here every day and the teachers like us very much, this is from the bottom of my heart, I have a very good life here. 
Like Tajigul, many students in the dancing class are rediscovering the passion and freedom of life through dancing. At the same time, the changes that have taken place since they arrived at the Vocational Education and Training Center are also quietly affecting their family members. 
     【同期】(和田县职业技能教育培训中心学员 阿不来提•阿不力米提) 
(Student of Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Ablat•Ablimt) 
After my families watched my show, they said to me, “you are great. We have never seen you dance like this before. You should work harder to learn our traditional Chinese dance, then you will become more and more lively and cheerful.” 
     【同期】(和田县职业技能教育培训中心学员 希尔艾力•肉孜阿依提) 
(Student of Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Xirali•Roziayit) 
I go home every week, and when I get home, my children say, “Dad, we hear you have learned to dance now, so you can dance for us.” I danced for my children last time, and they kissed me happily. 
Speaking of the future, Tajigul wants to be a kindergarten teacher and teach students the dances she learned here. “Lovely children gather around me and dance the most fashionable dance together.” She imagines. 
    【同期】(和田县职业技能教育培训中心学员 塔吉古丽•吐孙买买提) 
(Student of Hotan County Vocational Education and Training Center, Tajigul•Tursunmamat) 
I have dreamed of being a kindergarten teacher since I was a child, but I didn’t cherish the opportunity to learn. (Now) we are given such a good stage, I will study hard here and develop this major, help those children learn dance when I come home.